A Poem by ME ME ME!!!

Lets take a minute
Sixty seconds to be together and lay
Spend the night counting unreachable stars
Leaving one another at the first sign of day

My eyes are too tired
I forget nave beliefs to know the truth
Cradled within the depths of your arms
Feeling safe enough to wander back to my youth

Bitter, malicious intentions
Brought on by strangers I thought I knew
From bitterness to innocence
Exposing my fragility when I surrender to you

Lets take a minute
For you to hold me cause it feels right
I know questions can't guarantee answers
Running far from you after tonight

Enjoy it while it lasts
I can't stand to see your tears
So lonely somewhere deep inside
Living as a victim of secret fears

I don't like what I see
You can't always protect me
Jaded is the way I was meant to be
No one can set this weary soul free
Promises can't last an eternity
I can't depend on a possibility
I can't stand what I see
And what I see is me...

This just wasn't meant to be
You can't save me!

Amber 4-2-02
(For Jon)